Nick Carver Photography

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"To say that I found your course helpful, insightful and entertaining would be an understatement. I found it to be all of those things and more."


Nick Carver is a working photographer and photography instructor based in Orange County, CA. His professional work centers primarily on architectural photography for commercial properties (office buildings, industrial buildings, retail centers, hospitality), and through his online photography courses Nick delivers instruction to hundreds of students in over 30 countries.

Nick’s career reflects a deep-seated dedication to the craft of photography with an enthusiasm for traditional analog film. You may recognize him from his YouTube channel wherein he takes viewers into the classroom and out in the field to share the process behind his work.

Through his online photography courses, Nick's talent for teaching brings some of the most clear and effective instruction available on the techniques and artistry of digital and film photography. With the launch of his “Master Manual Metering for Film Photography” online course in 2019 and his “Large Format Photography” course in 2022, Nick continues to prove his dedication to forwarding the craft of analog photography as well as his passion for sharing his knowledge with the community.

His portfolio of images reflects his love for the American Southwest, wide-open landscapes, and quiet reflections on mankind’s less-celebrated creations.